One of the reasons why I love Graphic Recording so much is that I am always learning, invariably from leaders in every possible arena.  Here's a powerful nugget I can share after a recent conference.

Since this is the first time in history that there are three generations in the workplace, it’s something organizations across all sectors are talking about. Age diversity, like gender or racial diversity, is an asset to any organization.  However, there are big differences between the Boomers, Gen X and Millennials.   Knowing what motivates each is key to finding better ways to understand one another. Better understanding leads to greater appreciation of each other’s differences, which then leads to better collaboration and high performing teams. 

One key difference that continues to come up in conversations I’ve heard is the way the different generations feel about work.  The Boomers live to work, Gen Xers work to live, and Millennials work from 9-5 and not a minute more. This actually doesn’t mean Millennials care less about their work, they simply care more about other areas of their lives.