Explainer Video For The Leadership Foundry

Explainer Videos are a wonderful way to communicate complex information quickly, succinctly, and simply.  By combining drawings, motion graphics, and voice over, we tell visually engaging stories within one to three minutes.  We know that in today's world, that's about as long as the average person's attention span will last!

The Leadership Foundry initially engaged us to update their course materials.  They saw us doing live graphic recording and were impressed with how effective our simple visuals were in telling a story.  For them, the story is the journey of how their students can become great leaders through the three different courses they offer.

We then took this new, more visual approach for them a step further with a one-minute sketch video.  It's a simple overview of what they do, why it works, and how to contact them.  Click on the image below to enjoy this quick video.