Watch your message come to life through a hand-drawn illustration. The animated drawing can tell the story by itself, or it can be built in sync to match a speaker's words. Use a sketch video to tell your company story, or for new product intros, internal messaging, how to videos... the list is endless!  Click on the videos below to view.

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A Sketch Video is a great way to bring a graphic recording to life, as you see in the examples below. Animating the image using the CEO's voice provides the opportunity to create a more engaging visual experience, and tell a more detailed story. Now there is a stronger connection between the narrator's words and the visual that will be hanging in each employee's office.

Sketch animations are fun and engaging and can be created relatively fast. Below are the steps we take to create a successful animation.

  1. Define the communication objective.  We meet with you and your team define the high level context you want/need for the video, discuss objectives, and get clear about who the audience is and how the video will be used.
  2. Write the script.  We will either use our own writers to help craft the right script for you, or you may provide us with your own script.  For a 3-minute video, you'll want to keep your script to 1 page.
  3. Create the illustrations.  Upon approval of the script, we will create the illustrations to match it.  The frames will tell the story in a sequence that will ultimately be synced with narration and/or music. 
  4. Record the audio. We will either help find and hire just the right voice over actor to fit your script, or if your message needs to come from your own CEO, we will have them recorded for you.
  5. Create the animation.  This is where we sync the voice over with the animated illustrations and add special effects and music.