Studio Services

Infographics and Studio Illustrations are created in advance of a meeting. We will work with you to come up with metaphors and ideas to visually represent what you want to communicate to your organization. We will recommend and create either hand-drawn or digital illustrations to suite your communication needs. 



The spontaneity of hand-drawn images make them more inviting and less intimidating than computer generated graphics. We can help you turn your powerpoint presentation into something creative, meaningful and engaging for your audience.


Use finished maps, or icons from them to promote your business through social media.  Talk to us about creating animated gifs of custom icons for your Instagram or Facebook page!


Alece Birnbach has an extensive graphic design background. She will help you maximize the powerful visual content from your charts to create long lasting materials for your organization.

We can:

  • Create a book of all the maps with a customized cover for the event
  • Create a book of all the maps plus an opposite page that has fill-in templates asking participants to take specific actions based on the opposite page's map
  • Print out flip-chart size copies of the maps and send them off to different facilities/sites, to share ideas
  • Post the scanned maps to your (or the event's) website
  • Use the map content on company newsletters
  • Use the map content on the disc as "clip art" and use it in other related-topic PowerPoint presentations, communications, etc...