Graphic Recording at the NAIS Conference.

Graphic Recording at the NAIS Conference.

Last week Michelle Boos-Stone of Five Elements Consulting Group hired me to graphic record with her at the NAIS (National Association of Independent Schools) Conference in Phillidelphia. What a blast! We captured 11 AMAZING speakers in the 2 days we were there, including... wait for it... JIM COLLINS! That's right, The author of "Good to Great".  Michelle took the lead and we tandem recorded with her capturing content and me coming behind adding the bling.


There were terrific speakers during the breakout sessions too, including Nadira Hira. Nadira is a Generation Y expert and spoke about the challenges teachers, employers and parents are facing with this complicated generation of people who nearly equal the number of Baby Boomers. Since Nadira is a Gen Y member herself, she tells it like it is from an insider's perspective. I loved graphic recording her because she was enthusiastic, authentic, and she repeated her key points. Thanks for making my job so easy Nadira!

One of the general sessions at the conference featured independent matters by 4 different speakers. After the session I graphic recorded an Idea Exchange workshop (map below). Most of the attendees were educators and they had a lot to discuss around the issue of social media's impact on their students. This is a great way to use graphic recording. I took notes for the group on a 4'x8' sheet of paper so everyone could see their ideas being captured, and now they all have a scanned copy to review and inspire new ideas too!

Interview with veteran graphic recorder Michelle Boos-Stone

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