How Can Visuals Create Lasting Change?

How Can Visuals Create Lasting Change?

January has been an exciting month for me, packed full of interesting work with great outcomes for my clients. 

More than pretty pictures, I want to share with you what visuals have done to help my clients.

Graffiti Wall


Challenge:  Create the second of two 7' x 12' grafitti walls in real time using the words of 800 new employees.

Outcome:  Creating the walls live during the onboarding event inspired participation and increased the enthusiasm of the new employees on their first day of work. The wall will be installed permanently for all to see and feel inspired by.

UC Irvine Fresh Food Hub Retreat


Challenge:  Graphically capture conversations around vision, strategy, and next steps for the Hub.

Outcome:  The 16 volunteers and employees of the Food Hub connected, shared ideas, and made agreements for how to move forward with their vision.  The graphic recordings created over the 2-day retreat will be used to refer back to their conversations, and inspire and motivate them for the coming years.

Collaboration Wall


Challenge:  In collaboration with Drawbridge Innovations, we created an 8’x16’ wall inviting 200 retreat attendees to write on it about what inspires them about the future.

Outcome:  Company-wide engagement and commaraderie during the event.  Post event, the wall will be installed at the HQ as a way to continue to inspire employees to create their shared future vision.  

PCMA Conference in Pittsburgh


Challenge:  Five Elements Consulting Group brought me in as a team member for their client, PCMA. My challenge was to graphic record speaker sessions throughout the 3-day conference.

Outcome:  Attendees have a visual reminder of sessions they were (and sometimes weren’t) able to attend.  Digital copies of the visual notes are theirs to keep and share with colleagues.

As you're planning upcoming events for 2019, perhaps one of these ideas will be of use.  Or better yet, spark a new idea that's just right for your attendees. I'd love to brainstorm with you about the limitless possibilities and value a visual component can add to your next event.  Let's talk today!

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