5 Ways To Customize Graphic Recording At Your Next Event

5 Ways To Customize Graphic Recording At Your Next Event

Have you been to an event where every detail was right on message for the brand? The graphics, furniture, music and videos were all thought through to make the experience truly feel like that brand and enhance the event’s theme?

Today I want to share five ideas for how to customize graphic recording at your next event to enhance and elevate your company’s brand.

Typically, graphic recorders work on large sheets of white paper either taped to a smooth wall, or onto foam boards held up by easels. Or, they skip the paper and work directly on the foam boards.

Sometimes white paper or foam core is the perfect surface to use, and sometimes you want something different. Something more specific to your theme. Here are five alternative surfaces that could customize the graphic recording at your next event:

Brown Corrugated Cardboard

If your mission is about the environment, sustainability, or even education, this surface will help support that message. It’s not only a recycled material, it has a really cool look, especially when using acrylic paint markers on it. If you don’t have the budget or the space for cardboard walls, just use brown craft paper.

Brown Or White Cardboard Boxes

These can be sourced anywhere, shipped flat, and taped together onsite. The graphic recorder can capture themes and content on four sides, then easily build towers with them. This worked great for Play With Purpose because the stacked boxes are playful and easy to move.


I recently worked on a team with two other graphic recorders painting a vision for an eye care company on a huge plexiglass wall. Conceptually this transparent medium was right on target for this client, and their attendees were wowed by it. The company shipped it to their HQ where it’s permanently on display.

Digital Capture

If you’re all about tech, consider digital graphic recording at your next event. There are multiple drawing apps that are amazing to use on the iPad Pro. Any AV team will be able to help your graphic recorder get connected to project their work in real time, or during breaks. When it’s time to recap the event onstage, having the digital graphic recording projected behind the speaker is an awesome addition to their closing speech. And, there’s no shipping of large charts or waiting for the digital images.


The benefit of a whiteboard is that it can be reused, and fast. If you want to communicate rapid innovation or agility, this could be a cool option. If budget allows, have a large wall built and paint it with whiteboard paint. Have the graphic recorder come in the day before the event and draw a title, question, visual frame or large anchor image on it to generate excitement when attendees arrive. If you have a multi-day event, wipe it clean and start fresh each day. Just be sure your graphic recorder takes high quality photos of it before it’s erased!

My team and I have used all of the above materials with great success and I’m sure there are many more we haven’t thought of yet.

If you’re looking for new ways to customize graphic recording and wow your attendees, let’s connect and find the perfect visual medium for you.

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