Graphic Recording


Live Graphic Recording literally illustrates the big ideas and high level content of live meetings, conferences or events. Through this highly interactive visual process, the graphic recorder uses the honed skills of active listening, information synthesis and drawing. The real-time visual representation of what attendees are hearing helps to solidify the content in their minds and to remember it going forward.

This medium is equally powerful post-event, with many ways to use and share the visuals.




Experience greater company-wide engagement, collaboration and retention in strategic planning sessions, ideations, workshops and company retreats. Agreements, outcomes, and next steps become clear. This historical document brings together rich thinking and content in a beautiful, powerful way.



The content of the presentation or keynote speech, including key takeaways and discussion points, are woven together using color, text and graphics.  The final product serves as a cornerstone for building ideas, consensus, and a common vision.



Live graphic recording will literally draw qualified leads into your tradeshow booth.  We will create live murals picturing your audience’s ideas in real time, allowing you to gather data in a fun and engaging way.



Collaboration Walls are a dynamic way to increase client engagement and participation at your next event.  They may be built in advance and used as an interactive or static display, or built during your event in collaboration with attendees.