Practicing what I preach.

This past weekend I decided to practice what I preach. So I created a vision map for one of my side projects, Dorothy's Derby Chronicles, a fabulous tween girl property about roller derby. I've co-created the property with my friend Meghan Dougherty, aka: Undertaker's Daughter of the Rocky Mountain Rollergirls. We received good news this week that'll take the project to the next level, so what better time to DREAM BIG and DRAW those dreams out to solidify them into our future reality! So that's just what we did. First we identified where we are today, which includes our Mission Statement and all the great things we've accomplished so far. Next we created our Vision Statement and put that in the upper right corner of the map. From there we filled in the Future side of the map by putting down every fun thing we could imagine (in words and pictures). Then we identified our challenge areas. We only have a few of those and they'll be easy to overcome, so it was nice to SEE that on paper. We sent the map to our agent who immediately had a couple of ideas to add that she hadn't thought of until she saw the vision in this way. This process definitely sparked creative thinking from each of us, helped us define our vision and our challenge areas, and put us all on the same page in terms of our project goals. Graphic recording works!


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Visualizing information makes individuals 17% more productive - it’s a fact.