Approach, Pitch, and Impact

I had a great day in Denver last week working with Eric Kiker of LRXD Advertising. His idea? To hire a graphic recorder to interpret his pitch to his client. What a great idea! 

Graphic Recorders have a very different approach to documenting ideas. We listen to (or in this case read) the presentation, pull out the high level content, and literally draw it out in pictures adding key words and phrases.  The reason it works is because SEEING is REMEMBERING.

Graphic Recording has an even greater impact when participants see their ideas being visually captured in real time.

A great example is a group discussion I captured a few weeks ago at the AACSB Conference in San Diego (pictured here). This was a 1-hour conversation among a group of 40 people, most of whom were deans of schools. The facilitator asked several compelling questions and I captured the answers. Having me in the room capturing content in real time definitely increased participation and engagement, and added an element of fun.

Plus, the participants now have some pretty cool visual notes to review quickly and remember what they heard, and to share with colleagues who were unable to attend. It’s a whole lot easier than pulling out a spiral notebook and trying to read your own handwriting.

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