Summary Maps: A Powerful Tool

After a full day (or perhaps several full days) of keynote speakers, workshop activities, and breakout sessions, it can be hard to recall the key takeaways. People’s heads are reeling with information, inspiration, and new ideas. Having each session graphic recorded provides the participants with visual notes of the session highlights, which they can refer back to and share with colleagues after they leave. But when the event is coming to a close,  a Summary Map can be a useful and powerful tool.  It provides the facilitator or event organizer with a visual to speak to and guide the participants through the highlights of what they’ve experienced together.  Pictured here is Dr. Abraham Kim wrapping up a wonderful 2 days at the close of the AMES Leadership Symposium. The Summary Map I created with facilitator AJ Robinson gave Dr. Kim an easy and engaging way to talk through the highlights of the event during the closing dinner.

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Creating SUMMARY Maps for Attendees POST EVENT