8 Ways To Use Graphic Recording After Your Big Event

8 Ways To Use Graphic Recording After Your Big Event

Your event was a huge hit, made even more memorable because you had a graphic recorder capturing it. Now that it's over, keep the momentum going by maximizing those great visuals. Below are 8 ideas for how you could do that.

If you've used graphic recording in other ways, please share your ideas. I know there are many more!

Recap The Event. Project photos of the finished charts on-screen during the closing ceremony. All of the key learnings are there and easy for the CEO to speak to.

  1. Host A Gallery Walk. Take the charts back to your HQ, and hang them in a lobby or common area and host a Gallery Walk for employees who weren’t able to attend the event. This will make effective and immediate use of the graphic recordings, and it will allow everyone to participate in the thinking that was started and further the discussion.

  2. Get Social. Incorporate the graphics in blogs, newsletters, and all of your social media outlets. You can even pull out specific quotes or icons from the charts, providing social media content for weeks after your event!

  3. Create A Visual Report. Re-cap your event in the form of a printed book or pdf. Showcase the charts along with event photos and a written overview of the event in chronological order. It’s a wonderful surprise to send to attendees shortly after the event. They love receiving the visual report and reviewing what they learned, and since it’s packed with interesting visuals, they love sharing it with their colleagues too.

  4. Shoot A Video or Webinar. Stage it with your leader in front of one of the charts and have them tell the story of the event. Zoom in on the visuals, go through them point by point, and/or use them as a call to action.

  5. Animate It. Take the content and illustrations from the charts and use them to create an animated sketch video with voice over.

  6. Make a Prezi. Create an interactive map with clickable links to more information and resources.

  7. Use The Images On Products. There are many products that can be easily created in very small to large quantities to suit any budget. Here are just a few ideas:
    • Posters
    • Puzzles
    • Trade Show Walls and Curtains
    • Mouse Pads
    • Smart Phone Covers
    • Trading Cards
    • Stickers
    • T-shirts
    • Coffee Mugs
    And on and on and on!

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