Success Summit 3.0

You may have seen several of my posts on social media over the last month and a half about a summit that I graphic recorded. I was contacted by the organizers of the Success Summit and asked if I would be interested in handling their visual note taking for some of their very important speakers. It worked out that I would need to graphically record over 40 speakers across 4 full days. The event was a great experience, both in being able to listen to some very distinct view points on success and business and in how I had to work in order to get the job done. Walls of the visual notes were built, the information distributed by social media as it was completed and the participants (both physically and through web) were provided with these notes. All of the boards have been photographed and are now available for download. 

Take a look at the success summit page on at and feel free to download any of the notes. You can also take a look at the Success Summit’s website at

The Success Summit 3.0 included speakers John Mackey, Barbara Max Hubbard, DJ Spooky, John Gray, Alanis Morissette, Dr. Michael Beckwith, Ken Wilbur, Johnny Podell, Tom Chi, Raj Sisodia, Bob Chapman, Esther Perel, Lynne Twist, Adam Bellow, Ted Ning, Arianna Huffington, Charles Martens, Sally Ranney, Annie Lalla, Eben Pagan, Susan Stiffelman, Jason Myers, Maranda Pleasant, Luke Nosek, Ibrahim AlHusseini, Ali Shanti, Andy Drish, Dane Maxwell, Jeff Walker, Marc Gafni, Warren Farrell, Dave Logan, Jack Canfield, Toney Hsieh, Ben Jealous, and Zubin Damania, 

I love a good infographic!