I love a good infographic!

I love a good infographic! While perusing Fast Company’s “18 Best Infographics of 2014” http://www.fastcodesign.com/3039650/the-18-best-infographics-of-2014#11 was a treat.  

My personal favorite is this one by illustrator Gemma Correll, a proud introvert, who has mapped out the heart of the introvert.  This one is my favorite for several reasons:

1. The whimsical hand-drawn style invites me in so much faster than if it had been executed in a hard-line digital style.

2. The limited color palette and her color choices have a such a calming effect. I feel like I’m in my own dream land as my eye travels around the image.

3. I happen to be an introvert myself (a chatty introvert, but an introvert none the less), so I totally relate to the content in her map. I especially chuckled at the Sea of Books and Town of Online Ordering. Yep. That’s me!


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