Coalition on Agricultural Greenhouse Gases

The Coalition on Agricultural Greenhouse Gases held their summer meeting in Denver, CO the past few days.  Coalition members from around the country gathered to listen about and discuss some of the great things happening in Colorado, and the midwest region directly related to agricultural offsets and environmental services. Check out the work from Colorado State University on Comet Farm for the USDA and the largest methane digester in the U.S. happening in Weld County - the Heartland Project.  The group also discussed the Rice protocol in California, USDA's climate change hubs as well as Rangeland offset projects.  

I worked with Alchemy's Chris Chopyak who facilitated the meeting while I graphically recorded all the content.  It was a great meeting - packed with new insights, updates and wonderful commentary from the various stakeholders and attendees. To learn more about the Coalition visit their website

Sketch Notes from SCBWI in LA

Graphic Recording in Tandem for NAIS