Shhh! It's a Secret

Going the Distance

I'm having such a fun year filled with trips to many amazing conferences and workshops around the U.S. I've also created several really fun animated videos and studio maps for fortune 500 companies (see Sketch Videos and Studio Illustration).

Since I love to share, the sad part for me is that I can't show my work from closed meetings, super secret organizations, or those full of corporate trade secrets.

This week I am on my way to one of the world's leading paper companies and next week off to Washington D.C. to graphic record a leadership training class for a government organization. So I thought I would take this opportunity to reintroduce you to some of our services, starting with Live Graphic Recording.

Live Graphic Recording

Live Graphic Recording literally illustrates the big ideas and high level content of live meetings, conferences or events. Through this highly interactive visual process, the graphic recorder uses the honed skills of active listening, information synthesis and drawing to capture key words and images in real time. Participants see their ideas come to life, resulting in greater company-wide engagement, commitment and retention. The context of the meeting or keynote speech, including key discussion points, conversations, agreements, outcomes, and learnings are woven together using color, text and graphics on a large 4'x8' chart/map. The final product serves as a cornerstone for building ideas, consensus, and a common vision. This historical document brings together rich thinking and content in a beautiful, powerful way.

After the meeting or event is finished your charts are scanned and a digital file emailed to you in any format you choose. The original map will then be shipped back to you. It's yours to keep!

Sketch Notes

Colorado Secretary of State