Sketch Notes

I recently received an inquiry about my Sketch Notes that I created while attending the SCBWI Conference in Los Angeles. The inquiry asked how Sketch Notes were done and when I'm most often asked to do them.

I'm usually asked to do Sketch Notes when the space I'm working in is too small to accommodate my usual 4'x8' maps. Instead of standing in front of the room working large, I sit with the audience and draw on 11"x17" paper. The audience doesn't get to have the experience of seeing me capture in visuals what they're hearing a speaker say, but they do have the benefit of having my Sketch Notes after the conference or workshop. 

As you can see in the images from the SCBWI Conference here they can be very useful to those who attended and those who may have missed out on the opportunity of seeing the presentation live. These notes were re-tweeted more times than I was able to keep track of!


Shhh! It's a Secret