Vision Map for The Women's Bean Project

If you aren’t already familiar with them, The Women’s Bean Project is a transitional job training program for chronically impoverished women.  By moving out of dependency and into personal responsibility, women are able to set a new course for their lives.  The ripple effect of changing one life is huge.  It literally breaks what may have been a mulit-generational cycle of poverty, which in turn impacts the entire community.

I’ve always been a fan of the WBP, and in fact designed their packaging for them back in the 90’s when I worked as an advertising art director.  So when the opportunity came to help them visualize their strategic plan I happily jumped in.

This illustrated vision map was created by synthesizing information captured live during board and staff meetings, and interviewing CEO TamraRyan.  The original 4’x8’ mural is hanging at the WBP.  Here’s a quote from Tamra about how they’re using it: 

"It’s terrific to have a visual representation of our strategic plan. It will hang in a high traffic area of our building so that all staff can be reminded daily of where we are headed – our dream for a better future for the women we serve and their families. My hope is that we will enlist visitors who are inspired by our vision map to join us in accomplishing our long term organizational goals.”

– Tamra Ryan, CEO Women's Bean Projec