Resiliency is a word that keeps coming up, particularly in leadership training.  An entrepreneurial mindset is now something senior leaders are expected to have.  But entrepreneurs tend to work 24/7 and that’s just not sustainable over time. So how can we stay fully engaged throughout our careers and avoid burnout at the same time?

I recently graphic recorded a session led by The Leadership Foundry. They suggest 4 principals towards full engagement to help manage energy and build resilience:

1)   Be mindful of the 4 sources of energy:  Body, Heart, Mind and Spirit.

2)   Balance expenditure with renewal.

3)   Push beyond your comfort zone and cultivate a growth mindset.

4)    Develop positive rituals.

They also suggest that cultivating strong personal and professional relationships is key to overcoming challenges.

For more detail, take a look at the map I created of their presentation.

Message, Art, Video!

Message, Art, Video!

Vision Map for The Women's Bean Project